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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Green MEP welcomes Climate Caravan back to London

Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London, will tonight help celebrate the return of the Climate Caravan to London; a Campaign Against Climate Change initiative which calls upon the UK Govrnment to create a million new jobs in green industries in order to tackle the twin crises of unemployment and climate change.

Over the last two weeks, the Caravan has embarked on a 2,000 mile campaign of towns and cities across the UK to raise public discussion as to how the creation of new, green jobs can help tackle rising unemployment whilst delivering the industries and services needed for an environmentally sustainable future.

Jean will join climate activists at a special public meeting at the Friends Meeting House, St. Martin’s Lane from 7pm to welcome the Caravan back to the capital.

Speaking before the event, Jean said: “There is no doubt that the financial crisis presents a real challenge, but it is also an opportunity to make the transition to the green, sustainable society that we so urgently need; a society founded on emerging new industries such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and a ‘green service’ sector which could create hundreds of thousands of jobs whilst simultaneously tackling the grave threats posed by climate change. 

“For the past fortnight, the Climate Caravan has done a fantastic job of catching the imagination of towns and cities with the message that the response to the crisis can also be the beginning of a greener, more sustainable future, and at a fraction of the amount governments have spent keeping banks afloat.  Quite simply, no other approach will do.”