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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

London’s Green MEP Urges The Capital To Switch Off!

As Energy Efficiency Week 2006 begins today, with the revelation that Britain wastes more energy than any other EU country, London’s Green MEP, Jean Lambert, has urged Londoners to ‘Switch off’!

Even though the UK has only 1% of the world’s population we are responsible for 3% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and our wasteful actions in the home, such as leaving electrical items on standby, contribute to more than a quarter of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Green MEP Jean Lambert has today urged the Capital to ‘Switch Off’ and make a real difference to the climate change challenge, commenting; “Energy Efficiency week really highlights all the small changes we can make to reduce climate change. For example switching to energy efficient lightbulbs and not leaving the TV on standby to keep the dog company are easy but effective steps to make a difference.”

Jean however warned that these changes may not be enough to make the required impact on climate change; “We have heard the action plans and suggested lifestyle changes that can be used to reduce the effects of climate change but what we need to see now is real, positive action on the ground from the UK Government to put these into practice.” Jean continued.

“What concerns me now is the preparation for future generations.  Britain’s workforce lacks the skills to meet the demands of evolving technologies and ideas – without it our progression will be extremely limited.  There is not currently a coherent strategy for the training of our workforce at both EU and Government levels but it is vital that we implement a green strategy to meet environmental goals.

“Training is all too often aimed at placing people in jobs and ignores the potential to improve the environment. We must look to the future to ensure that the next generation do not face the climate change crisis we see before us now.”