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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Green MEP Warns 90 Day Detention Period Would Breech Human Rights Laws

“Assurances from countries promising not to torture exiles returning to countries from the UK, are not worth the paper they are written on and have no place in any structure, no matter how transparent”.  Green MEP Jean Lambert warned today as the Queen’s speech focused on the Anti Terrorism Bill.

Jean Lambert, who has been awarded for her work on Justice and Human Rights said that by trusting such assurances the UK Government would be working to double standards and said; “The Queens speech has highlighted some important and serious questions over plans to tighten control orders of suspected foreign terrorists, deporting them to countries the UK Government has acknowledged are dangerous and we know carry out torture.

“The Human Rights Act is in place to protect and benefit everyone but with plans to implement the 90 days detention period it seems we are in danger of omitting theses laws where suspected foreign terrorists are concerned. This is simply unacceptable.”

With increasing concern over climate change Jean Lambert, who is Green MEP for London, welcomed the Queen’s focus on the subject but said that the proposals set out weren’t enough to make the difference needed.  Jean commented; “Although the UK is now making progress to tackle climate change we do need to increase targets dramatically and reduce emissions to 90% below the 1990 base line by 2030.  Margaret Thatcher spoke of climate change as a major challenge yet we have failed to make a significant difference in that time.  In order to make up for those lost years we have no choice but to work to crucial targets.”