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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Euro MP Demands Columbian President Upholds Human Rights

UK Green MEP Jean Lambert has called on the Columbian President and Vice President, demanding that they review the deterioration of human rights in the country and explain why they continue to allow the persecution of political leaders, trade unionists and defenders of human rights.

Jean Lambert, who has been awarded for her work on justice and human rights signed up to a letter, presented to President Alvaro Uribe Velez and Vice President Francisco Santos, demanding that the Columbian Government takes urgent measures to guarantee the security and freedom of citizens exercising their constitutional right of opposition to its neo-liberal politics.

As Jean met with a member of the Columbian Green Party today, the MEP expressed her grave concern over Columbia’s human rights situation and said; “Everyone is entitled to their human rights and the people of Columbia are no exception.  We have demanded that the Columbian authorities explain their concerning actions and guarantee that human rights will be granted to all.

“We now want to see that all arbitrarily detained trade unionists are released immediatley, and those being investigated in connection with Operation Dragon are judged in an open and exemplary manner.  Investigations into crimes of any sort should be carried out in an efficient and transparent way wherever we are in the world. “

Jean joined Tony Benn, Bernard Cassen and Michael Clapham MP, amongst others in signing the letter.