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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Renewal Of Trident Confirms Inherent Contradiction Of UK Government’ Warns Green MEP

As the UK Government announces plans for a new generation of nuclear weapons today, Green Euro MP, Jean Lambert, has spoken out in anger against the ‘inherent contradiction’ the renewal would be.

Jean Lambert, who is Green MEP for London, has continued to campaign against the renewal of Trident in the UK and today said that the effects of a world free of nuclear weapons and the social benefits such a move would bring could not be underestimated.

Jean warned; “The inherent contradiction between the UK Government’s message telling us how we should be saving the planet and their plans to blow the planet up, is a stark contrast that calls us to question their commitment to tackling climate change and protecting the planet for future generations.

“Renewing the UK’s nuclear weapons will not only threaten our safety and security but will make it extremely difficult to tell other countries not to use and ultimately get rid of nuclear weapons.  We need universal nuclear disarmament, which stops any debate about a replacement of trident altogether.”

Although the Government has agreed to reduce the amount of nuclear weapons held by the UK, the move has simply been seen as a gesture to critics and does not ‘persuade’ others that holding nuclear weapons is the correct and safe decision for the UK or the rest of the world.