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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Council Must Take Recycling Seriously Says Green MEP

London’s Green Euro MP Jean Lambert visited Bensham Manor in Croydon on Monday 22nd January to see for herself the state of recycling in the Borough.

Jean said: “As a member of the European Parliament I have the opportunity to compare and contrast the UK’s recycling performance with that of other countries – and it’s not at all impressive.  Recycling rates in the UK are around 18% where as countries like the Netherlands achieve around 64%.  We can’t let resources go to waste.

“British people are not any different to our fellow Europeans and, as we have seen from recent recycling activities, are willing to change habits quickly to reach challenging targets. There really is no excuse for the UK’s poor performance. It now remains to be seen if local councils can live up to the standards of our European neighbours and implement successful recycling schemes, accessible to everyone, throughout entire Boroughs.”

Shasha Khan, Green Party candidate in the Bensham Manor by election added:

“Croydon Council has repeatedly failed to meet its recycling targets, yet all we’ve had for the past couple of years is empty promises, party ‘spin’ and resources pumped into marginal wards. Croydon is currently languishing near the bottom of the UK’s recycling league table (3). Council resources should be allocated on the basis of public need not political benefit. While residents in Addiscombe, Waddon, Norbury and Shirley enjoy their garden waste, cardboard and plastics collected, the rest of us have to find other means to get these items recycled.”



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