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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Kashmir Prime Minister Seeking a ‘Green Kashmir’

Sardar Attique Ahmad Khan, Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir has told of his plans for a ‘green and skilled Kashmir’ as he met with UK Green MEP Jean Lambert, whilst on a nine day long European visit.

Yesterday evening’s meeting with the Prime Minister, coincides with today’s debate and vote on the European Parliament’s controversial report focusing on Kashmir’s present situation and future prospects.  Jean Lambert, who has tabled many of the record breaking 450 amendments to the report, has previously called for political space to enable the people of Kashmir to move forward peacefully and today welcomed the Prime Minister’s desire for a green future in Kashmir.

As a member of the European Parliament’s Delegation to South Asia and the SAARC Region Jean commented; “Prime Minister Khan has expressed his wish to reach a peaceful settlement and make a positive step forward in Kashmir where the situation currently affects over 13 million people.

“It is vital that we now ensure Kashmir has the opportunity to explore any possible peaceful solutions for the long term that will also aid environmental and economic development in the region following the recent earthquake.”

As part of his visit the Prime Minister will meet with elected representatives of the European Parliament, opinion makers and Kashmir and Pakistani community leaders.