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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Green MEP Warns Trident Replacement Would Be Catastrophic For Our Future

“The Government’s proposal to replace Trident is illegal, unnesesary and a catastrophe for our future”, Green Euro MP Jean Lambert warned today as the UK awaits the Government’s decision over the replacement of the country’s nuclear weapons.

Jean Lambert, who has continued to campaign against nuclear weapons for years, today said that the Government’s plan to spend at least £25 billion on renewing the nuclear weapons system demonstrated a lack of concern for the immediate problems the world faces today.

Jean commented; “The replacement of Trident is a total diversion from the world’s real security needs: tackling climate change, widespread illness and disease and access to clean water.

“The UK Government can not claim that they want to protect the planet and then make preparations to blow it up at the same time.

“How can the UK warn other countries against nuclear weapons whilst we continue on this path of destruction ourselves. On grounds of legality, diplomacy and politics, such double standards are not acceptable.

“The legality, morality and cost of keeping nuclear weapons in the UK is unjustified and we simply can not support the replacement of Trident.  A future of nuclear warheads, with the ability to deliver around 8 times the destructive power of the Hiroshima bomb, is not one that offer us real security.  I hope this afternoons vote reflects the opinions we have seen so passionately demonstrated on the House of Commons over the past few days.”