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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

UK Green MEP Calls For Local Power For Local People At Sustainable Communities Bill Rally

UK Green MEP Jean Lambert will call for an end to the decline of independent shops, local pubs and local post offices on Monday (26th March) when she joins with Rt Hon David Cameron MP and Rt Hon Sir Menzies Campbell MP at the Sustainable Communities Bill Rally in Westminster.

Jean, who is London’s Green MEP and has continued to campaign for the protection of local economies and services, has welcomed the Bill as a step forward in giving local power back to local people.

Speaking ahead of the rally, which over 1000 people are expected to attend, Jean said; “The Sustainable Communities Bill is a positive development in terms of environment, social inclusion and democracy.  Not only does it give more power to local authorities but it gives power back to local people and ensures that their views really are listened to.  Local Government’s therefore must have a very good reason to override such opinions.

“Without such a Bill we are in danger of being left with a ‘mono-high street’ throughout the UK.  The disappearance of local, independent shops and services, is removing the social glue keeping communities feeling that in a world of Globalization local really does matter.

“Complaints about today’s Political agenda continue to echo the concern that although people are consulted, public opinion is not listened to.  The Sustainable Communities Bill begins to reverse this feeling of isolation and says that ‘politicians do listen to you, you do have the power and you are important in determining what sort of future you have.”

The Sustainable Communities Bill Rally takes place in the Methodist Central Hall, Westminster on Monday 26th March 2007 from 7.00pm – 9.00pm.