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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Heathrow Expansion Condemned By Capital’s Green MEP

Plans to expand Heathrow airport with a third runway have been condemned by London’s Green MEP, Jean Lambert today as she called on the Prime Minister to halt all plans immediately.

Over 2 million residents, the majority living in West London, will have their quality of life dramatically destroyed if the expansion of Heathrow Airport, which has been met by mounting opposition, goes ahead.

As Jean Lambert MEP signed the petition to stop the expansion of the UK’s busiest airport she warned that the plans would not only have a devastating impact on the environment and our health but would lead to a surge in damaging CO2 emissions.

Jean commented; “The Government’s actions concerning our environment demonstrates a severe lack of joined up thinking. On the one hand they are flying the green flag urging as all to make lifestyle changes and reduce carbon emissions in the battle against climate change.  Yet on the other hand they continue to make moves to expand the aviation industry – one of the fastest growing sources of emissions fueling climate change.

“Not only is the expansion against Government targets for limiting all forms of pollution including noise and air but it will inevitably impact on the green belt and directly impinge on the homes and health of millions of Londoners.

“If this government is serious about sustainable development and putting the interests of Londoners first it must end the expansion of Heathrow airport immediately.”

Jean continued to urge everyone to sign the petition, which closes on 7th April 2007 and can be found at, to stop the expansion of Heathrow Airport.