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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

EU Parliament ‘Travelling Circus’ Emissions Fill Wembley Stadium 2 Million Times Every Year

The European Parliament’s split site in Brussels and Strasbourg, creates enough additional emissions to fill the Wembley Stadium over 2 million times every year, a new study commissioned by London’s Green MEP Jean Lambert and her Green colleague Caroline Lucas MEP has confirmed.

The report, the first evidence-based and robust study of the climate change implications of having ‘two seats’, has warned that at a cost of more than €200 million euros and 20,268 tonnes of additional carbon dioxide emissions every year – more than some countries – such practice is critically damaging the environment and undermining EU efforts to cut CO2 emissions by 20 per cent by 2020,

Jean Lambert MEP has called on the EU to ‘put its own house in order’ and end the ‘travelling circus’ that sees 2000 parliamentary staff and interpreters, nearly 1000 assistants, journalists and lobbyists, 785 MEPs and 15 lorry loads of trunks and documents relocated every month.

As the report, ‘European Parliament two-seat operation: Environmental costs, transport and energy’ researched for Jean Lambert MEP and Caroline Lucas MEP by Professor of Sustainable Transport John Whitelegg, was launched in the European Parliament in Strasbourg today Jean Lambert said; “The ecological absurdity of having two seats has been one which the Green’s have continued to campaign against. 

“By operating in one place the Parliament would not only save money that could be invested to benefit the environment, but would dramatically reduce emissions as well – something all public institutions should be doing if we are to meet our reduction targets.

“The EU has made a commitment to reduce levels of emissions but climate change cannot be addressed through words, money and promises.  It requires a change in behaviour and an understanding of cause and effect.  Europe’s Government’s now need to lead the way in environmental changes across all member states and end the ‘two-seat’ Parliament immediately.”


The full report is available here.