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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Green MEP To Call For International Solidarity At Climate Change Conference

UK Green Euro MP Jean Lambert will warn of the severe effects we face as the climate change crisis creeps ever closer, when she addresses one the biggest climate change events of the year – the International Climate Conference in London this weekend.

As Green MEP for London, where at 37% levels of damaging emissions from the domestic sector are higher than that from transport, Jean has previously slammed the Government for their lack of joined up thinking to tackle climate change.

In anticipation of the conference, where Jean will speak along side UK MPs, Jean commented; “The dangers of climate change are escalating at a rate which should cause us all the most serious alarm.  Although the UK is making progress to tackle climate change, many adjustments still need to be made. Climate change can not be addressed simply through money and we all have to act now if we are to make the required impact.  The longer we delay changing our lifestyle the worse the consequences will be.

“Scientific research shows that a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2025 is the minimum reduction necessary to avoid a catastrophic two degrees rise in global temperatures.  It seems however that the UK Government have not fully taken on board the warning and put our future in jeopardy.  The urgency demanded by the threat of climate change now vitally requires a greater more focused commitment, with effective Government policies and initiatives that really push this agenda forward.”