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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Green MEP Calls For Local Action For Global Effect On World Environment Day

As the world celebrates Environment Day tomorrow London’s Green Euro MP Jean Lambert, has urged the Capital to make local changes for a global effect.

With the 2007 theme for the day, ‘Melting Ice – A Hot Topic?’, Jean Lambert has warned that the increasing levels of London’s domestic emissions, resulting from a lack of efficient housing insulation, is currently doing more damage to the environment than ground transport emissions.

Jean, who released her report ‘Hothouses’ focusing on climate change and London’s housing earlier this year, welcomed World Environment Day as an opportunity to stimulate positive, political and individual action.

Jean commented; “Climate change is a major challenge.  We need to make real and rapid reductions in our emissions if we are to avert the two degree temperature rise that could lead to rising sea levels and change the world’s environment completely.

“Our homes and are a good place to start in the battle to protect the environment.  We still have over 10 million UK homes with un-insulated cavity walls, loosing over one third of their heating – resulting for higher costs for householders and the planet.

“There are ‘easy wins’ that could make a big difference in the battle against climate change, an effective insulation programme is one of them. What is lacking, but clearly needed, is a greater and more focused Government commitment to push this agenda forward.  World Environment Day gives us all the incentive we need to make the change and build a positive future.”