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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Green MEP welcomes vote adopting strong position of crucial report into Gaza conflict

GREEN MEP Jean Lambert has welcomed a European Parliament vote in Strasbourg on the Goldstone report [1], which saw a majority of MEPs supporting a strong Parliamentary position on the ongoing Israeli blockade of Gaza and breaches of international law.

Speaking after the vote, Jean said:

“As a longstanding advocate of a lasting peaceful and just resolution in the Middle East, I welcome the vote for a strong position on the Goldstone report as a positive step forward in the peace process.

“The Green Group has endorsed the report’s recommendations from the beginning, including the call for both parties to respect and be held accountable for violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws, and the demand for both Israel and Palestine to conduct their own domestic investigations that must meet international standards of impartiality, transparency, promptness and effectiveness.

“Crucially, the European resolution [2] adopted by Parliament also asks the EU to work towards a strong common position to closely monitor and assess effectiveness and genuineness of these domestic investigations, as well as the implementation of the further Goldstone recommendations.

“I also welcome the call for the immediate, sustained and unconditional opening of the crossings along the Gaza-Israel frontier to allow for civilian reconstruction and the position on NGOs stating both sides should refrain from any measures restricting the activities of these organizations.”

Jean concluded:

“The ongoing blockade of Gaza is an outrage and is robbing thousands of any sort of hope for a normal life. The Goldstone report is important: we now want to see real action from EU Governments and Council in response to Parliament’s vote.”


Jean released a statement ahead of the vote, in which she commented:

“I will endorse a European Parliament resolution which supports Israel being held to account; an end to the siege and an opening of crossings for civilian reconstruction; for steps to include Hamas in peace talks, removing them from the terrorist list as a constructive step and to help Hamas act in a way that assists the implementation of human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Palestinian territory; and which supports NGOs and civil society to uphold human rights and call those in authority to account.

“I have been a longstanding advocate of a lasting peaceful and just resolution, which respects democracy and human rights. Along with Green colleagues, I will continue to press for progress in line with these principles.”


[1] For the full text of the Goldstone Report, see:

[2] The joint European Parliament resolution (put together as a result of resolutions from different political groups) can be read at: