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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Green MEP says Government lacks ambition on retrofitting

Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London, accused the government of lacking ambition on insulating older houses, the bulk of London’s housing stock, at the National Housing Federation conference last week.

Jean, whose report Hothouses called for a radical rethink on insulating London’s housing stock to reduce carbon emissions, said that although the government had begun to take steps addressing the issue of loft and cavity insulation, they were still failing to address the problem of solid wall houses.

In London, Jean’s constituency, emissions from the domestic sector count for 37 per cent, that’s higher than transport emissions and the greatest of any English region. This figure stems from London’s energy inefficient solid wall housing stock, which makes up more than half the total, that’s about 1.7million houses.

Speaking at the conference, which addressed retrofitting, the process of insulating older houses, Jean said:

“Whilst there has been some progress on aspects of cavity and loft insulation, the existing programme needs to be speeded up and the Green Party favours a much more ambitious free insulation policy. Furthermore the government lacks ambition on older, solid wall houses, the bulk of the London’s housing stock.

“We know what needs to be done on retrofitting houses. We know that there are easy wins to be gained on carbon reduction and long-term social and environmental benefits, such as reducing fuel poverty and creating jobs, and yet still the government is dragging its feet.

“What we need is a comprehensive programme of coherent high standards and consistent funding with the government, energy companies and landlords all working together to reach ambitious targets.”