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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Statement on recent political developments in the Maldives

Ms Jean Lambert (Greens/EFA, UK), Chair of the European Parliament’s Delegation for relations with South Asia, issued the following statement today:

The European Parliament has, over the previous years, expressed its constant support to the Maldives in their democratic reform process and welcomed, following the adoption of a new constitution in August 2008, the first multiparty presidential election in October the same year. This election was assessed by an EU Election Expert Mission and considered “free and fair” by international observers; some months later, in May 2009, the first multi-party parliamentary elections took place.

On behalf of the European Parliament’s Delegation for relations with South Asia, and taking into account the history of our engagement with the Maldives as well as our hope that the reforms which are being undertaken will be successful, we are therefore particularly concerned at the recent events that have led to the resignation of the Cabinet. We believe that such political instability could have a crucial impact on the social, economic and tourism development of the country, which needs stability in order to capitalise on its location.

We therefore call on all political forces in the Maldives to work constructively and in good faith, as well as to respect both the letter and the spirit of the Constitution, taking the measures which are necessary in order to promote good governance and allow the country to tackle the challenges it faces.

In view of the developments in the Maldives, and at the request of several Members, the European Parliament’s Delegation for relations with South Asia intends to discuss the situation in the Maldives at its next meeting, to take place in Brussels on July 15th.