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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Green MEP calls for further support measures for Pakistan

In response to Commissioner Georgiewa’s briefing of Parliamentarians on August 31, 2010, Jean Lambert, President of the European Parliament Delegation with South Asia said:

“We welcome the rapid response of the European Commission to the dramatic and unprecedented flood catastrophe in Pakistan. 230 million euros of emergency aid by the EU and the Member States combined bring the EU to the forefront of those trying to come to the aid of suffering population in Pakistan. But much more aid is needed. I appeal to Member States to use their good offices in order to urge more countries to join the concerted international effort and notably to support the UN organisations in their relief efforts. We welcome the initiative of the Pakistani government for a particular ‘transparency mechanism’ to guarantee that the aid reaches those in need. We appeal to the Pakistanis government and the aid agencies to keep a particular focus on the special needs of women and children.

“We call on the Council and the Commission to consider further support measures for Pakistan beyond humanitarian aid, such as debt relief and cancelation and enhanced market access for Pakistani exports.

“This extraordinary disaster draws the world’s attention to the particular threats South Asia is facing in view of climate change. Reconstruction measures should keep a particular focus on adaption measures and disaster-preparedness.”  

To watch Jean’s plenary speech in a debate on the humanitarian situation in Pakistan following the devastating floods held in Strasbourg on September 7, 2010, visit: