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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Statement on adoption of joint resolution on ACTA

A joint resolution on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement was adopted by the European Parliament today [1]. The Green Group criticised the resolution, which was passed by a narrow centre-right majority, as ignoring the real concerns with ACTA.

Jean, the Green MEP for London, said: “I am disappointed that an opportunity has been missed to address genuine concerns that the ACTA could impair civil liberties and access to information and medicines. Instead, we have got a weak resolution that hands the power back to the Commission.

“Furthermore, this resolution does not go far enough to address concerns over the lack of an established legal base. No demands were made of Commission to conduct an assessment on whether ACTA is in line with current EU law and to what extent. This demand by the Green Group would have given MEPs the opportunity to judge the agreement on a factual basis.

“Thankfully, today’s tight result has demonstrated that ACTA will not be adopted easily at the final vote next year. The Commission must respect the new role of the European Parliament under the Lisbon Treaty in relation to trade agreements and, as a minimum, provide the necessary reassurances on issues of transparency and the threat to fundamental rights, as detailed in this resolution. In the meantime the Green Group will continue to demand legal clarification from the European Court of Justice, and have submitted a motion to this effect in the EP’s legal affairs committee.”


[1] The European Parliament voted 331-294, with 11 members abstaining

To read the resolution in full visit: