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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Green MEP demands greater funding for maternal health

Green MEP for London, Jean Lambert, has urged world leaders to continue to fund global initiatives that would ensure a healthy pregnancy and safe childbirth for all women at a special European Parliament photo exhibition to highlight the need for improved maternal health.

The display, hosted by Jean, marked the 5th annual Mother’s Night, an event held each year to draw attention to UN Millennium Development Goal 5 which aims to reduce maternal mortality by 75 per cent by 2015 and achieve universal access to reproductive health services, such as antenatal care and contraception [1].

Speaking after the event, Jean said: “Every single day, 1,000 girls and women die from pregnancy related causes which could be effectively treated [2]. Insufficient maternal health care violates a women’s right to life, health, equality and non-discrimination. Hundreds of thousands of women and new born children can be saved but this will not happen unless the international community provides those essential services for pregnant women.

“Figures released by the World Health Organisation show that maternal deaths are in decline, proving that investment in health is working.  I now call upon governments across the world to continue to provide funding for essential maternal health initiatives in order to end the global tragedy of maternal deaths once and for all.”

Notes to Editors

1. Mother’s Night is held by the Save Women’s Lives campaign.  For further information, please visit: