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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Green MEP calls for end to long distance animal transports

Green MEP for London, Jean Lambert has lent her support to an EU-wide campaign seeking to bring an end to the long distance transportation of farmed animals.

The 8hours campaign, led by Dan Jørgenson, Danish MEP and vice chairman of the European Parliament’s Intergroup for Animal Welfare, is calling for an eight hour limit on live animal transportation.  Currently, EU legislation allows for animals to be transported across Europe for up to several days as long as basic food and water conditions are met.  However, too often, these journeys are made under unacceptable conditions with animals needlessly suffering as a result.

Jean said: “Every year across Europe, millions of animals are transported for thousands of miles en route to slaughter.  During these journeys, animals will suffer from extreme exhaustion, dehydration, serious injuries, and in extreme cases, dies in transit. 

Under current EU rules, journeys of up to several days are allowed as long as the haulier fulfils simple demands, such as food, water and rest stops.  Sadly, research from a number of animal welfare organisations tell us that these standards are often not being met, with untold numbers of animals suffering as a result.  This is absolutely unacceptable and must be stopped. 

That is why I am supporting the 8hours petition calling for an eight hour journey limit for transporting live animals.  The European Commission must act now to significantly reduce journey times for Europe’s livestock.”

For further information on 8Hours or to sign the petition, please visit: