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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

“It gets better” – London’s Green MEP reassures Europe’s LGBT teenagers ahead of International Day Against Homophobia

Green MEP for London, Jean Lambert has taken part in a special European Parliament film ahead of International Day Against Homophobia (Thursday 17th May), which aims to reassure gay, lesbian and transgender teenagers that the EU is working hard to put an end to homophobia and transphobia [1].

The film forms part of the ‘It Gets Better’ project, an online collection of videos from activists, politicians and media personalities assuring teenagers struggling with homophobic bullying that life will get better.  The European Parliament video features MEPs from across the EU offering encouraging words to young people in 17 different languages, from Italian to Bulgarian and Swedish and Polish.

Growing up lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender in the EU can be challenging; in the UK alone, studies show that almost two-thirds of LGBT teens experience homophobic bullying whilst 60 per cent feel that there is neither an adult at home nor at school who they can talk to about being gay [2].

Jean, a member of the European Parliament Intergroup on LGBT rights, said: “Every young person has the right to live their life free from the fear of bullying and in an environment which embraces diversity, yet many teenagers in Europe still suffer from homophobic attacks, abuse and mistreatment.

“IDAHO gives us all the opportunity to celebrate equality.  The EU has a responsibility in ensuring that the LGBT community can live free from oppression by taking a firm stance against homophobia and by fostering a positive shift in public attitudes and behaviour.  By openly rejecting intolerance, we can make sure life really does “get better” for our young people.”



Notes to Editor

1. The video can be watched at
2. ‘Education for All – Tackling homophobia in secondary schools’, Stonewall.