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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Making Tracks: End the cruelty of the whip

Jean has joined the animal rights organisation Animal Aid in calling for an outright ban on the use of the whip in commercial horse racing.

During 2010, British Horse Racing Authority (BHA) rules on the use of the whip were broken more than 17 times per week, causing much pain and suffering to the horses, and research by the BHA shows that 57 per cent of people support a ban.

Jean has written to the Environment Secretary, Caroline Spelman to demand an immediate ban on the whip and to urge Defra to take a tougher, more stringent regulatory approach to the industry.

This article is taken from ‘Making Tracks’, a newsletter from the UK’s Green MEPs about their work on animal rights. To receive a copy by email or post please email or you can download a PDF copy of this newsletter.