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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Making Tracks: No experiments on stray animals

Jean has called on the UK Government to ensure that stray cats and dogs will not be used in scientific experiments.

Jean wrote to the Home Office following concerns from anti-vivisection campaigners who were worried that the EU Directive on animal experiments could water down existing protection for stray domestic animals.

The Government has since reiterated that a comprehensive ban on the use of strays will remain in place.  Jean has welcomed the news as a broadly positive outcome, but remains concerned that the UK’s transposition of the Directive could weaken inspection standards, stall progress on the issue of transparency in laboratories and allow for the continuation of some of the most severe experiments still permitted under the legislation.

This article is taken from ‘Making Tracks’, a newsletter from the UK’s Green MEPs about their work on animal rights. To receive a copy by email or post please email or you can download a PDF copy of this newsletter.