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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Green MEP celebrates diversity of Europe’s beer

Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London, will today raise a glass to the diversity of Europe’s brewing sector by hosting a special European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU) reception at the Brewers of Europe House, Brussels.

This year, the ECBU is celebrating the many traditional beer styles Europe has to offer in its brewing sector.  Brewing supports over 740,000 jobs across the EU, contributing over €57,000,000,000 to the European economy annually, and provides beers which are enjoyed by millions.

Jean hopes that the work of organisations like EBCU will raise awareness of the importance of local, independent breweries and the threats they are facing in the current economic climate, as well as the challenges posed by cheap supermarket alcohol which is often sold below cost price.

Speaking ahead of the reception, Jean, Vice-President of the Westminster Beer Club’s European Parliament branch, said: “With beer being one of Europe’s traditional drinks, I think it is important to support local independent breweries and the production of beer in the region.  Beer is part of our cultural heritage and so deserves the consideration of the European Union, especially given the number of jobs that the industry provides across Europe.

“Small-scale, local industries like independent breweries remain extremely popular, but in harsh economic times they can face real challenges, which is why it is particularly important for them to receive the recognition that they deserve.”