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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Green MEP lends an ear to Europe’s young eco-campaigners

Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London, has today met with a determined group of young eco-campaigners who are working hard to transform the way in which Europe deals with climate change.

The team met with MEPs at the European Parliament to discuss the launch of their manifesto, which calls upon decision makers to engage directly and meaningfully with young people.  The document demands that politicians and officials engage directly and meaningfully with young people and that sustainability be embedded into the school curriculum.

Today’s meeting is the culmination of a three year international project – Make the Link: Climate exchange – backed by Plan UK and the Citizenship Foundation.  The aim of the project is to promote better co-operation between policy makers and young people in order to overcome the barriers to democracy that some young people can face.

The group has persuaded five MEPS from different countries and political groups to table a Written Declaration asking for real involvement of young people in policy discussions about climate change. If more than half of the 754 MEPs sign up to the terms of the declaration, the European Parliament will be required to  act on the Declaration.

Jean said: “We are currently facing an inevitable climate change crisis.  It is the next generation who will have to live with the devastating consequences of our mismanagement of the earth and its resources; consequences which will continue to worsen  and affect today’s children throughout their lives.

“If we are going to tackle this crisis and improve our environment it is vital that we involve young people in deciding how some of the changes that we need should come about.  Many young people feel powerless to change the world and switch-off from important global issues. This is why we need to engage with young people on climate change and to ensure that their voices are heard.”