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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Jean condemns Tories on workplace equality for women

LONDON EURO-MP Jean Lambert has condemned Women and Equalities Minister Maria Miller for arguing the EU should abandon quotas calling for more women company directors.

Ms Lambert, who represents the Green Party, said boardroom quotas had worked elsewhere and were a good starting point in the struggle against discrimination in the workplace.

Speaking just days after ‘Equal Pay Day’ – the point in the year when the average woman has earned as much as the average man earns by the end of the year – the Green Party MEP said the attitude of the Women and Equalities Minister was ‘typical of the Tories’.

Commenting ahead of a keynote speech in which Ms Miller is expected to explain why the UK Government played a key role in forcing the European Commission to abandon plans to bring about a binding rule that 40% of top jobs should be held by women, Ms Lambert said:

“For Maria Miller to suggest that boardroom quotas are in some way patronising to women is typical of the Tory attitude to gender equality: ‘unless we can do everything we’ll do nothing’.

“Quotas in boardrooms aren’t the only answer to the workplace inequality faced by women, but they are concrete and achievable – and not a bad place to begin!”