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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

MEPs vote for ban on ‘shark finning’

LONDON’S Green Party Euro-MP Jean Lambert has welcomed a proposed ban on ‘shark finning’ adopted in the European Parliament this week.

The proposed ban – which will now be considered by the European Commission – will mean fishing fleets in EU waters, and EU fishing fleets operating anywhere in the world, will no longer be able to catch sharks simply to remove their fins for use in traditional ‘Shark Fin Soup’ before dumping the remaining corpse back in the sea.

Ms Lambert said: “I am delighted that MEPs have voted to ban this barbaric and wasteful practice.

“Every year millions of sharks are caught, their fins hacked off, and the bodies simply discarded to meet the demand for the very expensive delicacy of shark fin soup.

“This is not only a senseless waste, it also puts pressure on threatened shark species. The new rules, which effectively close a loophole in EU fishing law, will mean fewer sharks are caught and killed.

“But of course this decision is only one step in the fight to end the cruelty and waste associated with shark fin soup: we need an international ban, not just a European one.”