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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Statement in support of the Migrants’ Rights Network ‘Our Day’ campaign ahead of UN International Migrants’ Rights Day on December 18

Much of my work for Londoners in the European Parliament is about guaranteeing human rights for all, regardless of citizenship status, nationality or any other irrelevant factor. We are all human, and our rights and, even more importantly, our dignity, has got nothing at all with nationality – or our relations with governments and their officials.

Migrants, roughly defined as anyone living outside their place of origin, suffer lawful and unlawful discrimination on a daily basis: either in terms of their access to housing, education, work, benefits and judicial support, or in simple human terms: and we must all stand together to fight this discrimination and bring it to an end once and for all.

Migrants’ Rights Day is not a day when this discrimination stops: but is a day when we should all take stock of the remarkable contribution migrants make to all of our lives, whatever their legal status, and a day when we can all redouble our efforts to ensure all migrants have access to their full human rights, wherever and however they are living.