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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Uganda and Rwanda must back off from helping Congolese rebels, say MEPs

MEPs in Strasbourg have demanded an end to Uganda and Rwanda’s support for rebels in the latest phase of Africa’s largest war.

Rebel groups, including ‘M23′, have seized control of several mining towns and cities in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the latest phase of civil war in the African country.

Their troops – including children – have been accused of systematic human rights violations, including the rape of women and girls, despite reportedly being backed by the governments of Uganda and Rwanda, both recipients of humanitarian aid from several EU members.

London Green Party MEP Jean Lambert, who was one of nine MEPs proposing a motion calling for an immediate end to atrocities in the region, said:

“Millions have died and thousands of women and girls have been systematically raped in the on-going military struggle for resources in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“Many of these atrocities are being carried out by rebel groups, but there is increasing evidence that they are being backed by the governments of Uganda and Rwanda – both countries receiving considerable aid from across the EU.

“It is significant that MEPs have unanimously agreed that this is unacceptable, that all such cross-border interference should stop immediately, and that all perpetrators of human rights violations and war crimes – and their backers – should be prosecuted under national and international law.”