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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

London’s Green MEP backs the ‘Stop the South London Incinerator’ campaign

Campaigners from the ‘Stop the South London Incinerator’ campaign have today formally asked Viridor – the compoany behind plans to build a huge waste burner in an already-polluted and densely-populated area of Sutton – to withdraw its plan.

London’s Green MEP Jean Lambert – who visited the site earlier this month – together with fellow Green MEP Keith Taylor, have explained why they are supporting the campaign.

“Incinerators, like the one Viridor is planning to build at Beddington Lane, South London, do not provide a green or responsible waste solution.

“Incineration technology necessarily requires waste input – and diverts materials which should be sent for recycling. We need a plan to reach zero-waste, where virtually all materials are recycled. Some countries are well en route to this, but plans like this, which lock demand for waste into incineration technology, are not the answer – and will undermine more ambitious recycling.

“The proposal for Beddington Lane is highly problematic on a number of other fronts too.

“The scale of the facility will mean huge increases of lorry traffic on roads in the area, leading to more congestion and pollution.

“We know that air pollution causes over 4000 premature deaths in London each year, with older people and children particularly at risk. Beddington Lane is already in an air quality management area: air quality in the area will deteriorate further and is likely to breach EU standards. The incinerator could also release toxic particles, affecting local homes and schools. How is this good for local residents?

“With the possibility of burning 300,000 tonnes of waste a year – from across Sutton, Merton, Kingston and Croydon, but also potentially from elsewhere in London and beyond, this is not an appropriate or environmentally responsible proposal.

“We are pleased to be supporting the Stop the South London Incinerator Campaign. If they value the views of the local community or want any environmental credibility, the local authority and Viridor must think again.”