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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Water treaties must consider climate change, Green MEP tells conference on water and conflict

TREATIES guaranteeing water flows across borders must take the impact of climate change on water into account, London Green MEP Jean Lambert said at a conference marking World Water Day.

Speaking at a conference to discuss water disputes fuelling conflicts in Kashmir and Palestine, Ms Lambert said: “Treaties governing water rights are based on an understanding of the quantity of river water that’s often outdated.

“Climate change is reducing the amount of water in our great river systems, and international agreements must take that into account.”

She added: “Too often, treaties and agreements are all about quantity – and say little about the quality of water.

“As resources dwindle, due to climate change, inaction and waste, it becomes more important than ever to banish pollution from our waterways so more flows are actually usable.”

She made her comments during a debate entitled ‘Thirsting for Justice’ to Mark World Water Day 2013, which takes place today (Thursday, March 21st).