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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Green MEP brings banking reform debate to The City

Event: Making Banks Work For Us’, debate chaired by Jean Lambert MEP
When: Thursday, May 16th, 6.30-8.30pm
Where: CAN Mezzanine, 49-51 East Rd, LONDON N1 6AH

WITH the banking sector in crisis across Europe after the UK and Luxembourg lodged legal challenges this week to a planned EU tax on financial transaction (a so-called ‘Robin Hood Tax’), London’s Green MEP Jean Lambert is to bring some of Europe’s top banking experts together for a City debate to examine how to make banks work better for all of us.

Ms Lambert will chair the debate, which will also feature former investment banker Tony Greenham, banking expert at the new economics foundation and the author of controversial proposals to cap bankers’ bonuses at EU level, banking spokesperson for the Greens in the European Parliament, Phillippe Lamberts MEP.

Ms Lambert said: “The economy is in a mess – with unemployment rising, banks failing, public sector pay freezes and access to credit for small businesses drying up – and this has exposed the banking sector as under-regulated and failing to serve society’s economic or social needs.

“That’s why I have decided to bring some experts to a public discussion on the doorstep of London’s financial district to discuss what regulations we need to really make the banks work for us – and which are achievable at EU level.

“We will discuss the separation of investment and consumer banking, the public ownership of the banks, changes to the way banks invest in society and lend money to individuals and small businesses, making the ‘Robin Hood Tax’ a reality – and limits to bankers’ bonuses.”

Although the event is free, places are limited, so participants are asked to register to secure a place.

For further information on the speakers, click here: Phillippe Lamberts and Tony Greenham.