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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Tories reject EU housebuilding plan

BRITISH Tories in the European Parliament have rejected a report calling for an action plan to promote house building and tackle homelessness.

The Green-proposed package was adopted anyway. It calls for an EU-wide social housing strategy and to tackle putting a roof over the head of some of Europe’s most vulnerable residents: the six per cent of EU residents who are classed as homeless.

London Green MEP Jean Lambert said she was shocked that the Tories had rejected the proposal.

“London has some of highest rates of homelessness in the whole EU – and with housing costs relative to wages rising fast the notion of having a long-term home is a an unattainable dream now for millions of Londoners,” she said.

“In this context, I can’t really believe that the UK Tories voted against even considering a strategy that could help.”

MEPs have today voted to find ways to prevent eviction of households unable to meet mortgage payments – and to adapt tax policies to favour the building of new social housing and to thus restrain housing speculation and provide much-needed jobs which can’t be off-shored.

Ms Lambert added: “Parliament has today underlined the urgent need for EU action to address the severe, long-term housing crisis, sending a clear political signal on the need to tackle this issue.”