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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

‘Schools and health must be protected from cuts’, London MEP to tell Polish trade unions

EURO-MP Jean Lambert is to tell an international meeting of teachers, nurses and midwives that education and healthcare must be protected from austerity measures and government spending cuts – and that any reductions in budgets must lead to fresh thinking to enhance public service delivery.

London’s Green Party MEP will make her comments at the Social Europe Congress in Warsaw, which has been organised by two Polish trade unions, representing teachers and healthcare professionals, and the Polish Green Party.

The Congress will take place on Saturday, September 7th – the 10th anniversary of the Polish Green Party.

Ms Lambert, author of the European Parliament’s position on access to care in light of spending cuts – which calls for care budgets to be protected and an EU-wide ‘carers leave’ to be introduced – worked as a teacher in East London before her election to the European Parliament in 1999.

She will say: “Austerity measures are seeing spending cut on social services across the EU – and that is both morally wrong and economically short-sighted.

“Education, care and health budgets must be protected, and we need fresh thinking in service delivery, both to prevent the most vulnerable paying the price for the failure’s of the banking system and to ensure we have a healthy, strong, well-educated workforce to get our economy back on track soon.”

The Congress represents the first major collaboration between trade unions and the Polish Greens.