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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

EU must protect citizens’ privacy from US spying

Alan Rusbridger

EURO-MP Jean Lambert has called on the EU to protect all citizens from US spying as part of any negotiations over a proposed new trade deal.


London’s Green MEP, speaking ahead of a Civil Liberties Committee meeting at which Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger called for journalists to be protected from spying, said:


“The agreements between the EU and the US are leaky at best – resulting in a summer of scandals which has seen newspapers and even Government institutions claiming to have been the victims of US espionage.

“Surveillance might be justified to protect the public, but that surveillance must be targeted, proportionate and effective: what we are seeing is a move to blanket surveillance and so-called ‘fishing expeditions’.

“We have already seen that is essential to be able to manage intelligence effectively and the tragic failures where that does not happen. A mass of information is totally counterproductive.”


Ms Lambert added: “The EU needs to safeguard the security of its citizens and their privacy: all Member States need to respect that and should only breach that privacy under strict conditions, fully recognised in law and where redress is possible – and this should be part of any international agreements between the EU and US.”


The Green MEP will be hosting a discussion on data protection in the EU alongside Jim Killock, Executive Director of the Open Rights Group, at the Green Party’s Autumn Conference in Brighton on Saturday, September 14th.