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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Genetically modified animals must not end up on our dinner plates, says Green MEP

LONDON’S Green MEP Jean Lambert has called for a complete ban on the sale of genetically-modified (GM) animals in the EU.

Ms Lambert has written to the European Commission calling for a complete ban until specific legislation is in place covering all the ethical, health and animal welfare issues.

Currently, no GM animal products are being sold in the EU, but several GM animal products have been developed, and food campaigners are concerned that there is no specific EU legislation governing their future sale – ultimately there is nothing to prevent them ending up on our dinner plates.

Food scientists have developed GM animals to increase yield – as in the case of GM salmon, to be resistant to diseases associated with factory farming – such as bird ‘flu resistant chickens, and to develop new market characteristics – such as GM cattle modified to produce ‘human’ milk suitable for lactose-intolerant consumers.

Ms Lambert said: “There is currently no legislation specifically governing the sale of GM animal products for human consumption in the EU.

“There must be – in order to address concerns over human health, wildlife and the environment, animal welfare, and ethical considerations, and this legislation must be the subject of a conversation with consumers to decide if GM animals are something they actually want to eat.

“Until such legislation is in place there must be a complete ban.”