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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

MEPs’ decision to allow longer flights will put lives at risk, warns London’s Green Euro-MP

LONDON Euro-MP Jean Lambert has vowed to fight on for pilot and passenger safety after MEPs voted to relax rules limiting flight times.

The Greens had proposed the objection due to concerns the proposed increase in flight times would lead to more strenuous working conditions for pilots, with the associated safety risks for passengers and other staff.

Ms Lambert said: “I am very disappointed that MEPs decided to believe the last-minute assurances of the Commission and accept these proposals to increase maximum flight times . At the very least, we should have delayed a decision until we could see the deal in writing, as the Greens proposed.

“There are serious concerns about the implications of the Commission’s proposal for pilots and cockpit personnel, both in terms of employment rights and the safety risks associated with longer flight times and more stressful flying schedules.

“Ignoring these concerns may put lives at risk – we know that pilots rest conditions raise concerns already.”