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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Green MEP condemns India after it outlaws same-sex relationships

LONDON’S GREEN MEP Jean Lambert has called on Indian MPs to overturn a court ruling which effectively bans same sex relationships.

Speaking after the news emerged that the Supreme Court of India today ruled that homosexual acts were unlawful, Ms lambert said outlawing such discrimination should be the price of doing business with the EU.

Ms Lambert, who is a member of the European Parliament’s LGBT cross-party ‘Intergroup’ and a member of the Parliament’s Delegation to India, said:

“This is a backward step, and it must be overturned by MPs passing a simple, clear, law legalising same-sex relationships as soon as possible.

“This ruling is particularly disappointing from a development point-of-view, and when India is rising in its geopolitical and economic importance.

“If India is to keep on doing business with the EU it must act swiftly to deal with all discrimination – and become a real force for human rights in the world.

“This does exactly the opposite.”