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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Letter to Guardian about London’s housing crisis

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Jean sent the following letter to The Guardian this week, along with other prominent London Greens, about the capital’s housing crisis:


Amelia Gentleman’s article (The Guardian, Thursday 6th February) really does get to the heart of the problem currently afflicting London’s housing market. Boris Johnson, like the properties he continues to build for the super-rich, has his head in the clouds. He is willfully ignoring a major housing crisis that is developing on his own doorstep because he can continue to satisfy the financial interests of the developers and investors who are pricing ordinary Londoners out of the city they call home.

The problem is not just found in Hackney. It’s in every estate agent’s advert for a new £700,000 “affordable” home. It’s on every property developer’s website which stipulates “no social housing”. This Friday the London Green Party launched a new campaign, ‘Crumbs for London’, calling for investment in social housing and a fairer deal for rental tenants. Join us and bring an end to the investor’s feast.


Jean Lambert, Green Party MEP for London

Caroline Allen, Green Party MEP candidate for London

Darren Johnson, Green Party London Assembly Member and Councillor for Lewisham

Baroness Jenny Jones, Green Party London Assembly Member

Benali Hamdache, co-Coordinator of the London Green Party

Noel Lynch, co-Coordinator of the London Green Party

An abridged version was published here .

The lertter was sent as part of the London Greens’ campaign on more affordable housing, ‘Crumbs for London’.