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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

EU bringing education to Pakistan

LONDON’S Green Euro-MP Jean Lambert has welcomed an EU funded project which will bring literacy, numeracy and vocational training to more than 150,000 young people in Pakistan.

Speaking at the launch of a Brussels exhibition showcasing a range of education and training programmes in the country, Ms Lambert said EU-funding for education was a good news story for Pakistan and about Europe’s role in global affairs.

“The EU has at its heart a vision for peace and universal human rights: and this project is about delivering on that vision,” said Ms Lambert, who chairs the European Parliament’s Delegation to South Asia, including Pakistan.

“Not only will some 150,000 young people directly benefit from basic education as well as vocational training in skills such as solar power installation and maintenance, mechanical engineering and machine work for the garment industry, over 10,000 teachers and trainers will be trained, who will then cascade their new knowledge further into society.

“This in turn will help build a more resilient society, and, it is hoped, reduce the poverty and violence which is, sadly, still so prevalent in some areas of the country. It’s about the EU sowing the seeds of peace.”