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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

London’s Green MEP calls for new EU rules on dog breeding

Jean at Battersea Dogs' and Cats' Home

London Green MEP Jean Lambert has called for new EU rules to deal with the capital’s stray dog crisis, following a visit to Battersea Cats’ and Dogs’ Home.
Ms Lambert visited the centre, which homes around 6,000 stray and abandoned dogs a year – and, famously, never turns an animal away – to see for herself the scale of London’s abandoned pet population crisis.
She said: “London, like many cities in Europe, has a stray dog crisis – caused primarily by irresponsible dog breeders and the lack of regulation of companion animals in the EU.
“We need shared rules across the EU to regulate dog breeders and manage the importation of animals being bred for the pet trade.
“We also need to adopt a common strategy on dealing with stray animals – based on neutering and re-homing rather than culling, which has caused a public outcry in many EU countries.”
Ms Lambert made her comments after visiting Battersea with Green Party Animals’ Spokesperson and vet Caroline Allen. She was shown around the centre’s ageing facilities by Battersea’s Public Affairs Manager Michael Webb.
She added: “Taking on a pet is a huge responsibility, and I was particularly impressed by Battersea’s community outreach programme which puts the focus on making sure Londoners really understand this.”