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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Green MEP calls for end to UK weapons sales to Israel

Jean chairing a meeting at the European Parliament


LONDON’S Green MEP Jean Lambert has called for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza – and added her name to a letter demanding David Cameron immediately to stop UK-based firms selling weapons to Israel and all armed groups operating in the region.

Ms Lambert, who is a patron of Waltham Forest Palestine Solidarity Campaign, also called for the EU to suspend its ongoing trade and cultural co-operation deal with Israel.

She said: “The EU-Israel Association Agreement should be suspended until the ongoing siege of Gaza is abandoned: restrictions on the Gazan economy are forcing a ‘tunnel’ economy on Gaza – and as long as the EU continues to trade with Israel it remains complicit in that.”

“Children in Gaza are being traumatised – and civilians have nowhere to run to when the Israeli missiles fall. We must have an immediate cease-fire and, while I welcome the growing voices from within Israel calling for an end to this assault, I support the UN Commission of Inquiry which will look at all violations of international human rights and humanitarian law, by all sides, and I hope those found to be responsible will be brought to justice.”

Ms Lambert spoke at a central London rally on July 26th organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign calling for an end to the fighting and human rights violations in Gaza.

She added: “We really need a long-term solution that allows all, whether they consider themselves to be Palestinian, Israeli, or neither, to live peacefully side-by-side in one of earth’s most densely-populated regions.

“The seemingly endless cycle of bloody conflict and fragile cease-fires offers no stable, peaceful future. This latest round of death and injury was sparked, apparently, by the murders of four young men, committed by those who do not want peace. Countless other deaths is not a fitting memorial.

“But with so many dead and injured, an immediate cease in hostilities must be the priority: and a complete end to all arms sales and military support to the region. I have written to Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, and, today, to Prime Minister David Cameron, to demand exactly that.”