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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

London’s population reaches record high

A London bus travelling past the Houses of Parliament


A new report, London 2036: An Agenda For Jobs and Growth, was launched today by a business lobbying group warning that attitudes to immigration and the UK’s role in the EU could be a threat to London’s economy.

In the month that the number of people living in London will exceed the 8,615,000 record previously reached in 1939, Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London said:

‘That immigration is not only desirable but required for London’s future needs, including the economic, is welcome but unsurprising. Compare and contrast this with the Home Secretary’s comments this week about restricting possibilities for students born abroad.

‘Her rhetoric, combined with that from other politicians, is harmful, not only because it deters overseas students but it can make UK nationals of migrant background feel insecure and unwanted in their own country.’

Referencing the extent to which migration continues to dominate the political agenda, Jean Lambert concluded:

‘Unfortunately, the coming General Election means we are likely to hear more negative rhetoric about migration and risk losing sight of the facts and the benefits – despite the warnings contained in reports like the one released today.’