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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Remembering Rana Plaza: conference live streaming


You can watch here for a live streaming on Wednesday afternoon of a conference called “Remembering Rana Plaza: The road ahead”. It’s happening in the European Parliament at 15.00 – 17.30. (GMT+2) so if you are watching from the UK please tune in at 2.00 pm, but if you are in Brussels, it will be live at 3.00 pm.

Jean Lambert, as Chair of the South Asia Delegation will open the conference, and speakers will include Professor Jennifer Bair, University of Colorado, who will present on the technical aspects of the global supply chain.

Commissioner Malmström will speak on the Global Sustainability Compact, Deputy Director General Sandra Polaski, ILO, will talk about the inclusion of labour rights in garment supply chains.

Ambassador Ismat Jahan, Embassy of Bangladesh to the EU, will provide an update about the steps the Government and other civil society actors in Bangladesh have taken to improve the garment sector

Sam Maher, of Clean Clothes Campaign, will speak about how raising consumer and brand awareness in Europe can help improve the situation of garment workers worldwide.

The conference will then wrap with a debate. This is a comprehensive and incisive look at the entire supply chain, and the work that is being done as well as progress  made – while making sure that lives are not cheaply lost to supply Europe (and the world) with high-street clothes.