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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Cross-party majority calls for ambitious new circular economy package

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The European Parliament’s Environment committee adopted a report on the ‘circular economy‘ today. The European Commission had withdrawn its initial legislative proposal in a move that was rightly criticised by the Parliament, Environment ministers and civil society. This new report calls on the Commission to draft a new and ambitious proposal.

Jean, who is writing a report about the job creation potential of the green economy said:

‘Today’s vote will mean that the Commission can be in no doubt. The report was supported by a strong, cross-party coalition that wants the bar set high on this important issue by the end of the year.’

The report calls for the introduction of a binding resource-efficiency target based on reducing resource use by 30% by 2030, compared to 2014, along with a binding food waste reduction target of 30%. At the latest, the EU should be producing fully sustainably by 2050.

The report also demands tangible measures to address the following:

  • planned obsolescence, and to improve consumer protection around production defects;
  • improve products’ durability, reusability and recyclability; and
  • ban toxic chemicals from the production line to encourage development of non-polluting production loops

The Commission’s own calculations show that if ambitious enough,  a circular economy package could lead to the creation of over half a million new jobs in the EU, approximately €600bn savings through more efficient use of resources and a 2-4% decrease in CO2 emissions.