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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Quarterly Migration Figures Released


The Office for National Statistics today released new migration figures. Annual net migration to Britain has hit a record level of 330,000.

Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London and spokesperson for immigration responded:

‘The Government chooses to set arbitrary immigration targets, but it has no overall strategy, and that’s a political decision. While it continues to send out a “drawbridge” message by making things very tough for high-skilled people, ordinary families and bright, foreign students, focus is lost on an important fact: migration is a net contributor.

‘People who come here to study and work contribute positively. While Mr Cameron chooses to talk tough and make landlords into immigration officials, management and appropriate funding are missing. With this backing, local authorities can adapt more effectively to population changes, helping to promote a sense of community.’

Jean concluded:

‘The UK is an attractive place for people who want to come here to work, study or join their partner. The Government takes every opportunity to claim that our economy is successful, can it also be surprised that people wish to work here and contribute to that success?’