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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

The Green alternative to the Dublin System


Today Jean, along with other Green MEPs in the European Parliament, launched a report on a Green alternative to the Dublin System .

At the launch Jean said:

“It is clear that the Dublin system as it stands is crumbling. As Member States are pulling up the draw bridges, our proposals outline how to better manage the arrival of refugees on Europe’s shores – ultimately this so called crisis is one of policy, not numbers. We outline a system which is based on solidarity and the fair sharing of responsibility, making it fairer to Member States, and fairer to those seeking protection by taking their valid reasons for wanting to be in a specific Member State into account as far as is possible at the start of the process and other possibilities later on. Choice is crucial to help build a sustainable system where people can actually end up where they want to be rather than relying on smugglers to get them there.”

The report is available here: The Green alternative to the Dublin System