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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Why Europe is important for women

Women better protected thanks to EU

26th May 2016

In the run-up to the UK referendum on EU membership on 23rd June, Jean Lambert MEP has produced this leaflet about why the European Union is good for women.

There is a great body of EU legal protection which benefits women every day.

EU law makes sure all women are entitled to paid maternity leave and guarantees women cannot be dismissed or their role be reduced whilst on maternity leave.

EU rules ensure part-time workers have the same conditions as those of full-time workers, and give rights to temporary agency workers.

There is important laws to prevent harassment, discrimination, trafficking and domestic violence at EU level. European laws also safeguard many other things important to women.

Leave campaigners will argue that we would keep these rules after a Brexit. But there are no guarantees future UK governments won’t cut regulations they deem ‘red-tape’ for competitiveness-at-all-costs outside the EU.

“Women are better protected thanks to the European Union. By working together across Europe we can end gender inequality once and for all and make sure women and future generations, and the environment we all depend on, are safeguarded,” says Jean.

Why Europe is Important for Women can be downloaded here.