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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Jean hosts exhibition “Political is Personal” in the European Parliament

19th October 2016

Politics often seems like an abstract term, referring to something that ‘others’ do, that has unclear direct impacts on people, communities, systems. Political is Personal makes that link however, giving a voice to women directly and daily affected by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, showing how those ’big’ decisions have real, everyday consequences on normal lives, regardless of borders and walls.

Jean was delighted to host this important exhibition, an initiative by Sarah Arnd Linder which involves in-depth interviews with Israeli and Palestinian women in which they safely and freely share how their lives have been affected by the realities of this conflict. While the conflict has been analysed in great details from many perspectives, rarely are women who live this dispute given the space and opportunity to speak about the personal effects of this long-standing struggle.

Speaking at the official opening of the exhibitio​n, Jean said​: ​“I am honoured to host such an important exhibition that brings into the Parliament the voices of those who are not often heard. To Sarah I say​ ‘Please go back to these women and tell them: your voice has been heard, here in the European Parliament​’​. And let us not forget the ongoing conflicts in other parts of the world and especially the Syrian war, which so desperately need to be solved.”

The creator of the project, Sarah Arnd Linder, said:“I’ve been asked if I have chosen only women who could tell horrendous stories, to shock people. But actually there’s no need to look for specific women as the tragedy and the despair is widespread.”