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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Charities helping desperate familities stretched to limits – Jean reacts to new report

23rd November 2016

New research published today details how voluntary organisations are struggling to fill Government gaps in the care of vulnerable families.

Reacting to the report, published by Oxford University’s Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London and Green Party migration spokesperson said:

“Volunteer groups and small charities are doing incredible work helping desperate families who have nowhere else to turn, whether from the UK or elsewhere, but they are being stretched to their limits. This is a desperate situation caused by the fact the Government is not doing its job.

“It is appalling that families who have fled their homes in search of safety are not finding safety in the UK. We are a generous welcoming country and we can do much better than this. People and communities all over Britain want to welcome refugees but we need Government to match this compassion.

“The UK needs to end its failed ‘deterrence first’ asylum policy and put the funding in place that is urgently needed. We need better more humane processing of asylum claims, and we need extra funding for local authorities and the voluntary sector so they can they provide the services needed. Sadly I doubt there will be much good news for struggling voluntary organisations and the people who rely on them in today’s Autumn’s statement.”

Read Jean’s article calling for a humane approach to asylum in the Green World magazine.